Ambachtelijk truffelkaas van de boerderij

Our Cheeses

Tartufo Truffle Cheese Original

Tartufo Truffle Cheese Original is made from fresh cow’s milk and genuine Italian truffles. The powerful and earthy aroma and flavor of the truffles create a true taste explosion! Our Tartufo truffle cheese is the undisputed masterpiece that has been our top specialty for over fifteen years. Enjoy it during a social gathering or grate our Tartufo truffle cheese over your favorite pasta. Experience the only original Tartufo truffle cheese that others have often tried to copy but have never been able to match.

Did you know…

…approximately 45 liters of milk are needed to make one whole cheese of 5 kg? That’s the daily milk from two cows combined.

Tartufo Truffle Goat Cheese

Truffle and goat cheese is a delicious combination. The cheese is made from full Dutch goat’s milk on the farm. The cheese is then aged in our warehouse near Gouda for about eight weeks. Tartufo goat cheese is delicious on your cheese platter.

Have you become curious about our cheeses?

Tartufo Truffle Cheese is available at most specialty cheese shops and various market vendors. If you are a cheese retailer yourself and would like to sell our unique Tartufo cheese, please contact our cooperative. Experience the one and only original Tartufo truffle cheese, where others have tried to imitate but never succeeded in matching.