Ambachtelijk truffelkaas van de boerderij

From truffle to cheese

Truffle hunting

Truffles are unique because they are not visible. They grow underground on the roots of certain tree species. Nowadays, trained dogs are used to detect truffles. The truffle hunter (also known as Cavatore in Italian) and their dog often share a special bond and work together for many years.

Curious about this true truffle hunt? See here how the Cavatore work.

Premium quality truffles

The Mediterranean climate in Italy is ideal for producing high-quality truffles. However, they are extremely rare and cannot be cultivated. After being found, truffles are carefully cleaned and selected before being delivered to our cheese makers exclusively for our unique Tartufo truffle cheese.

Dutch meadow milk

In the Netherlands, the milk is obtained from our own cows. During the summer, the cows graze happily in the meadows around the farms, resulting in pasture milk. For our Tartufo goat cheese, we use milk from Dutch goats sourced from a local goat farmer. The milk is transported to our cheese factory in a milk truck.

Crafted by hand

In our cheese factory, all cheeses are handmade using traditional artisanal methods. We minimize the number of operations to preserve the natural quality. By using only full-fat milk, our cheese has a delightful creamy texture. The truffles are added at the last moment and evenly distributed throughout the curds.

Slow aging

In our warehouse on the outskirts of Gouda, the cheeses undergo a natural aging process, allowing them to fully develop their flavors. During aging, the cheeses are regularly turned. After approximately two months, the cheeses are perfectly aged and ready to be delivered to stores.